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Welcome to the articles section of the website. Here you will find a collection of different articles written by different authors, songwriters, etc. on different issues regarding Christianity. For now, the majority of articles will be regarding the subject of worship. There are currently 98 articles hosted by

If you have any articles that aren't listed on this site, please feel free to submit them to by e-mailing us @ .

Creativity and the Arts Written by David Ruis

Leading Worship Written by Eddie Espinosa

Preparation for Leadership Written by Brian Doerksen

Great Things in Small Packages Written by Stuart Townend

Is there life on planet liturgy? Written by Dave Roberts

The Fast Lane Written by Greg Morris

Ability Vs. Attitude Written by Stuart Townend

Being a Lead Worshiper Written by Jeff Deyo

Body and Soul Written by Jack Hayford

Coming Back to the Heart of Worship Written by Mike Pilavachi

Content Vs. Engagement Written by Matt Redman

Does it Matter What We Sing? Written by Stuart Townend

End of Days Written by Andrew Hill

Explosions of Life Written by David Ruis

Hearing and Being Heard - The Team Leader's Guide to PA Written by Stuart Townend

How To Plan Your Praise Written by John Leach

Live and Kicking Written by Clive Price

My Pastor Doesn't Understand Me Written by Stuart Townend

Renewing the Intimate Friendship Written by Matt Redman

The Music Director Written by Stuart Townend

The Postman Written by Andy Park

The Prince of Praise Written by Max Lucado

The Rhythm Section Written by Stuart Townend

The Vocal Group Written by Stuart Townend

The Worship Leader File Written by Mike Pilavachi

A Lifestyle of Leadership Written by Greg Morris

The Workplace: Training Ground for Worship Leaders Written by Rick Wezowicz

Vocals Written by Stuart Townend

Well, It Worked At Spring Harvest... Written by Johnny Markin

Wireless Worship Written by Clive Price

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