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Unfailing Love
Words and Music by Cary Pierce, Chris Tomlin and Ed Cash


            G               C     G/B Am7
You have my heart, and I am yours forever
           G                C     G/B Am7
You are my strength, God of Grace and Power

    G    C         G            D/F#
And Everything you hold in Your hands
               G        C
Still You make time for me
I can't understand...

G                 D/F#
Praise You God of Earth and Sky
    Em7          G              C               D
How beautiful is Your unfailing Love, Unfailing Love
        G                     D/F#       Em7
And you never change, God you remain the Holy One.
       G         C               D
And my unfailing love, unfailing Love

You are my Rock, the one I hold on to
You are my Song, And I sing for you

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