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God of All Mercy
Words and Music by Bruce Ellis

E               E/D#
God of all mercy
C#m7       E/B
God of all grace
            A2                  F#m7
May a breath of your purity
Amaj9                B
Cleanse all my ways
E                               E/D#
My heart seems so evil
C#m7                     E/B
Eyes wrought with fear
               A2                     F#m7
May the warmth of your holiness
Amaj7       B
Dry all my tears
             G#m7 C#m A                E/G#
Father cleanse me whiter than snow
Amaj9               E                        B
Hold me close, please don't let go
B/A                         G#m7 C#m
For you're the only pure love
A          E/G#
I'll ever know
             A2      E/G#
It's your mercy
                 A2      F#m7
God of all mercy

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