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He Will Supply
Words and Music by Matt Perkins

Eb  Ab       Bbsus Bb
 He will supply
Eb   Ab      Bbsus Bb
 He will supply
     Cm         Ab
 Whatever your need,
         Cm          Ab       Eb/G Fm
 You can ask and believe that the Lord
     Ab/Bb  Eb
 He will supply

    Cm7/Ab Eb/Bb       Bb
 In Faith, we have believed
      Cm7/Ab  Eb/Bb      Bb
 With Thanks, we have received
 Cm7         Ab7           Cm7       Ab7
 All of our needs, we can stand and agree
   Eb/G    Fm7      Ab/Bb  Eb
 That the Lord, He will supply

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All Rights Reserved.  International Copyright Secured.  Used By Permission.
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