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Hear The Music Of My Heart
Words and Music by Matt Redman

 Em                   G
 Lord, hear the music of my heart;
 G7/B                   C
 Hear all the pourings of my soul.
 Em                   G
 Songs telling of a life of live:
Fmaj7                       C2
 Jesus, this is all for You.
 Em                       G
 You've become the ruler of my heart;
 G7/B                     C
 You've become the lover of my soul.
 Em                          G
 You've become the saviour of this life:
Fmaj7                 C2
 You're everything to me.

        Em            G
 Oh now Jesus, Jesus, I will pour my praise on You.
 A7/C#             Cmaj9
 Worship, worship, demonstrate my love for You.
 Em            G
 May I come to be a blessing to Your heart.
 A7/C#         Cmaj9
 Jesus, Jesus, who can tell how wonderful You are.
G               A7/C#  Cmaj9
 How wonderful You are.

Em7+11  Am11/D Em9sus4/B   Cmaj9    Em
 O, how wonderful      You are.

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