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Here I Am A Sinner Free
Words and Music by Matt Redman

Here am I a sinner free, pardoned by your majesty
D                            A
Your love has led me into liberty.
Holy King upon the throne, You've made this heart Your very own
D                                  A
I feel like the leper who's beed healed!

Lost and dirty yet You found me
Stained by sin but you have cleansed me
Bm7                           A
Can it be I'm precious in you sight?
What is a man and who am I?
I'm a child of God my father's pride
Bm7                          A
What a joy to be the Lord's delight!

I have known a love so sweet, a saving love that brings relief
A healing love that makes the blind eyes see.
King of love and Prince of peace, Your sheperds love is tending me
A love that satisfies my deepest needs.

1993 Kingsway's Thankyou Music (Admin. by EMI Christian Music Publishing)
All rights reserved.  International copyright secured.  Used by permission.
CCLI #1079194
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