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Make Way Make Way
Words and Music by Graham Kendrick

     G         Em      Dsus       D
Make way, make way for Christ the King
   Am     D7      G
in splendour arrives,
      G        Em        Dsus    D
Fling wide the gates and welcome Him
  Am   D7    G
into your lives.

     G          D/F#
Make way, (make way),
     Em7        D
Make way, (make way),
        G       D7              G       D7
for the King of kings, (for the King of kings)
     G          D/F#
Make way, (make way),
     Em7        D
Make way, (make way),
    G       D7      G
and let His kingdom in.

He comes the broken hearts to heal
the prisoners to free,
The deaf shall hear, the lame shall dance,
the blind shall see.

And those who mourn with heavy hearts,
who weep and sigh;
With laughter, joy and royal crown
He'll beautify.

We call you now to worship Him
as Lord of all;
To have no gods before Him
their thrones must fall!

1986 Thankyou Music (Admin. by EMI Christian Music Publishing)
All rights reserved. International copyright secured. Used by permission.
CCLI #121074
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