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P&W Archive: Songs found in section "A"
Song Title Author
Above All OthersCraig Musseau
All Heaven DeclaresNoel Richards
All in AllDennis Jernigan
All That I AmBruce Ellis
All That I NeedDan Marks
Almighty GodBruce Ellis
Anything You AskJohn Willison
As the DeerMartin J. Nystrom
As the Deer (key of D)Martin J. Nystrom
As We GatherMike Fay
Ascribe to the LordDavid Viglianti
Awesome GodRich Mullins
Agnus DeiMichael W. Smith
Agnus Dei (ver. 2)Michael W. Smith
AlleRoss King
As We SeekDave Bilbrough
All I Really Need is YouTim Taber
Ainít Nobody (Iíve Got a Friend)Reggie Coates
Amazing GraceJohn Newton
Are You Washed in the BloodElisha Hoffman
At the Name of JesusDennis Jernigan
A Shield About MeDonn Thomas
AdoptedJeff Bourque
AlmightyWayne Watson
At the Name of Jesus (key of G)Dennis Jernigan
All My Life Libby Huirua
All Creatures Of Our God And KingSt. Francis of Assisi
All I Know (I Don't Know Why)Noel Richards
All Hail King JesusDave Moody
All I Can SayDavid Crowder

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