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P&W Archive: Songs found in section "B"
Song Title Author
Before the Throne of God AboveCharitie Lees Bancroft
Behold The GloryBruce Ellis
Better Is One DayMatt Redman
Bought BackJohn Willison
Be GlorifiedChris Tomlin
Be Glorified (ver. 2)Chris Tomlin
Blessing, Honour And GloryGeoff Bullock
Break Our HeartsBilly James Foote
Break Our Hearts (ver. 2)Billy James Foote
Breathe On MeClint Brown
Be ExaltedBob Baker
BelieverMatt Redman
Blessed Be the Lord God of IsraelDave Moody
Break My HeartDavid Crowder
Be Thou My VisionEleanor Hull
Bind Us TogetherBob Gillman
Break Our Hearts (ver. 3)Billy James Foote
Blessed Be the Name of the LordDennis Jernigan
Beautiful SaviorStuart Townend
Be Still For The PresenceDavid J. Evans
Be StrongJeff Berry
BeautifulNathan Cochran
BeautyDavid Parker
Because He LivesWilliam J. Gaither
BelieveDonna Lasit
Breath of HeavenKevin Jonas
Blessed Be Your NameMatt Redman
Burdens Are Lifted At CalvaryJohn M. Moore, Vikki Cook, Louie Giglio

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