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P&W Archive: Songs found in section "I"
Song Title Author
I Have a PriestJohn Willison
I Have Come to Love YouMatt Redman
I Have DecidedMichael Card
I Lift Your NameDavid Ruis
I Love You, LordLaurie Klein
I Stand In AweMark Altrogge
I Walk By FaithChris Falson
I Will Have FaithLaura Ellis
I Will Not Forget YouRobin Pasley
I Will Offer Up My LifeMatt Redman
I Will Offer Up My Life (ver. 2)Matt Redman
I'm Forever GratefulMark Altrogge
It's Rising UpMatt Redman
I've Found JesusMartin Smith
I've Got A Love Song in My HeartMatt Redman
I Am YoursKim Johnson
I Have Come to Love YouMartin Cooper
I Surrender AllWinfield S. Weeden
I Will Call Upon The LordMichael O'Shields
Intimacy (One Thing My Heart Is Set Upon)Matt Redman
If There's One ThingTim Hughes
In Christ AloneStuart Townend
I Will OvercomeCharlie Hall
In Moments Like TheseDavid Graham
I Come To The CrossBill Batstone
I Will Exalt Your NameJeffrey B. Scott
Intimate StrangerMartin Smith
I Lift My HandsJohn Perry
It Is Well With My SoulHoratio G. Spafford
It's AmazingTony Congi

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