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P&W Archive: Songs found in section "L"
Song Title Author
Let Everything That Has BreathMatt Redman
Let Justice RollDavid Viglianti
Let the Walls Fall DownAnne Barbour
Light the FireBill Maxwell
Look What The Lord Has DoneMark David Hanby
Lord I Lift Your Name on HighRick Founds
Lord It's A MiracleBruce Ellis
Lord You Have My HeartMartin Smith
Love And FaithfulnessDan Wilt
Lamb of GodChris Tomlin
Let My Words Be FewMatt Redman
Love Came DownTodd Fields
Light The Fire (key of G)Bill Maxwell
Light of the WorldMatt Redman
Lord Jesus, We Enthrone YouPaul Kyle
Lamb of GodMylon Lefevre
Lord, Let Your Glory FallMatt Redman, John Barbour, Bill Batstone, Beth Redman
Lord We Long For You (Heal Our Nation)Patricia Morgan, Dave Bankhead, Ray Goudie, Ian Townend
Lamb of GodChris Bowater, Steve Fee, Candi Pearson
Let Your LightAlex Nifong
Live to WorshipTodd Fields
Let The Rain Of Your PresenceDanny Chambers

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