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P&W Archive: Songs found in section "T"
Song Title Author
Take Me InDave Browning
TenderlyShannon Wexelberg
Thank You For Saving MeMartin Smith
The Beauty of The LilyBruce Ellis
The Nails in Your HandRichard Cimino
The People Who Know Their GodDavid J. Pedde
The Power And The GloryGeoff Bullock
The Servant KingGraham Kendrick
The VisionCharlie Hall
The Way of the CrossMatt Redman
There Is A RedeemerMelody Green
There is Joy in the LordCherri Keaggy
There is Joy in the Lord (key of E)Cherri Keaggy
There's A Place (Because Of You)Paul Oakley
Thirst No MoreMatt Frazier
Thirst No More (key of E)Matt Frazier
This KingdomGeoff Bullock
This Kingdom (ver. 2)Geoff Bullock
Thy WordAmy Grant
Times of RefreshingBob Baker
The Wonderful CrossChris Tomlin
Thank You For The Blood (key of C)Matt Redman
The Cross, The CrownChris Tomlin
The Eyes Of My HeartMatt Redman
The Joy of the LordTwila Paris
The King EternalCharlie Hall
The King Eternal (key of D)Charlie Hall
The Noise We MakeChris Tomlin
The Noise We Make (ver. 2)Chris Tomlin
The Prayers Of The SaintsMatt Redman

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