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P&W Archive: Songs found in section "Y"
Song Title Author
You Are HolyRick Cole
You Are My King (Amazing Love)Billy James Foote
You Are My RockCapstone
You Are Worthy of My PraiseDavid Ruis
You Laid Aside Your MajestyNoel Richards
You Rescued MeGeoff Bullock
Your Father's HeartDan Wilt
Your Love Endures ForeverBruce Regan Bull
You're All I NeedGeoff Bullock
You're the SourceMatt Frazier
You Are My RockJoel Auge
You Are My TreasureChris Tomlin
You AloneJack Parker
Your Love Oh LordBrad Avery
Your Name Is Above All NamesJeffrey B. Scott
You Led Me To the Cross (Jesus Keep Me Near The Cross)Matt Redman
You Are Merciful To MeIan White
You Are My GodMatt Stanfield
You Have Redeemed My SoulLori Chaffer
You Are So Good To MeLori Chaffer
You're the Love of My LifeMark Gungor
You Give Me LifeShane Barnard
You Chose The Cross (Lost In Wonder)Martyn Layzell
You Are The Holy OneJoel Engle
You Must IncreaseMatt Redman
You Are Holy (Prince of Peace)Marc Imboden, David Crowder, David Carr, Johnny Mac Powell, Tai Anderson

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